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South Tyneside Local Government Branch has members working at South Tyneside Council, its partners and contractors. The Branch also represents support Staff at South Tyneside College and at our 50 schools in the Borough.

We have members in the Community and Voluntary Sector and in the private care sector. In total there are over 3,200 working members in the Branch and over 400 retired members. We also have unemployed and student members.

2019: The year of young workers


Millennials: Most young workers are contending with low wages, insecure jobs and no voice at work. They need trade unions more than ever. This is why UNISON has voted to make 2019 the year of young workers.

A new suite of resources are available to help you communicate with young workers.

Latest news from the branch

Latest 'STUN' Newsletter - Summer 2019

You can find the latest newsletter for UNISON South Tyneside Branch here pdf logo


WASPI Campaign update (20/12/18)

We have been advised by the WASPI campaign that the Ombudsman has yesterday posted an update on their website stating that they will not be progressing the complaints they have received or any new cases due to the pending Judicial Review. 

A further decision will be made following the outcome. The article is available here.

If you have any questions please let me know.


Deployment of Teaching Assistants - Guidance (27/09/18)

A concern has been raised by UNISON and the GMB trade unions about Teaching Assistants within some schools being asked to deliver/cover lessons in the classroom which they feel in certain cases is outside of their contractual role. Barry Morris has met with the trade unions to discuss their concerns and they identified a few schools where they believe this practice is taking place. However, it was felt that it would be beneficial if clarification was given to all Head Teachers on the role of a Teaching Assistant.

Read the full Guidance on Deployment of Teaching Assistants. pdf logo

Food bank appeal - Massive thank you to our members (17/07/18)

We wanted to share this photo of the donations of food we have received so far following our appeal.

We are once again blown away by the generosity of our members and the would like to say a special thank you to Environmental Health in South Shields Town Hall who made a number of trips to our Branch office on Friday with an unbelievable amount of donations.

We are still happy to receive any donations as this is an ongoing appeal.

See our original appeal article here...

Hospitality and Hope are a Charity Based in South Shields who work very hard to help some the very vulnerable people of our community.

The name of this charity suggests the way they work, first of all they offer Hospitality supplying what is required to assist people who are at the lowest possible point in their lives.  Simple things that the more fortunate of us take for granted, like food and a change of clothes and a kind word. 

Then once the physical and emotional issues have been addressed they offer Hope.  These are the practical issues which have resulted in the need which has arisen.  They work with the users of the facility to try to identify the path out of their current situation. They offer advice and support to try to show a brighter future.

Our members have been so very generous in the past and we have been able to donate enormous amounts of food on their behalf.

Sadly the need for food banks has never been greater in these hard times of austerity, purse strings are tighter and tighter and people already struggling on low wages cannot be allowed to be forgotten and to go hungry.  For this reason we as a Branch are determined to keep supporting this very worthy charity.

We have a designated Welfare Officer in Branch who is able to refer members, who are in need to the Food Bank.  Please contact the Branch if you need this service.

There are many roles required to keep this very important charity running so if anyone would like to volunteer at Hospitality and Hope please contact them direct. The details are as follows : 
Tel 0191 4203336,
E-mail: info@hospitalityandhope.co.uk

Huge win for UNISON on employment tribunal fees (24/08/17)

Tribunal fee victory for UNISON

On the 26th of July the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the Governments sky high tribunal fees are unlawful, accepting UNISONs argument that the fees are restricting working peoples access to justice.

What is more the Government will have to refund any fees paid since 2013 – at a cost of around £27million.

It is a massive win for the working people, and our trade union, must be congratulated for doggedly pursuing this case.

The fees have been a bonanza for bad bosses giving them free reign to mistreat staff and as UNISON argued “Workers rights are not worth the paper they are written on if they
cannot be enforced by law”.

The Government must act immediately to implement the courts findings. Any fees paid should be refunded as soon as possible, but even then we will never know how many people have missed out on justice over the last four years because they couldn’t afford to pay for it.

The Government priced workers out of justice sending the message that fair treatment is a luxury, not a right.

They’ve been proved wrong.


WASPI - You paid in, they should pay out (24/08/17)

Are you a WASPI woman in our branch?

Were you born between April 1952 and April 1961? If so give the branch a ring on
0191 4544167 to find out about our WASPI meeting and how to attend.



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